We are a New York based film festival determined to showcase some of the most amazing film makers around the world.

Our objective is to pin point film makers and everyone involved with their projects, to make sure that the entire world can witness greatness at it’s raising point.

Film making its more than just a passion, it’s a way of thinking, feeling, hearing, seeing, moving, believing, etc. It’s a business to a few, but it’s a life style to many. Our events supports those that create wonders and help to push the culture forward.

We are teamed with many other businesses to ensure that our events gets it’s full potential to help expose film makers. We host our main event yearly to celebrate and award those who put their all into their craft.

Deadline to submit your film project is always 6 weeks prior to all events, this gives our team enough time to review and evaluate all films to ensure we select the projects with the most chances to make an impact in the industry.  All films projects are evaluated to ensure the best competes with the best. Winers are awarded for their amazing work and talent.